Visiting Mei's?

A few things about your visit to Mei's

It is important to us that our customers have a great experience when they come to Mei’s, so we have taken steps to ensure that we are welcoming and fair to all our customers, giving them great service as well as great food! We explain this here in our terms and conditions.

We try to do our very best and if we fall short we are always pleased to hear from you. We want to get it right.

On arriving at the restaurant

There are set prices for our menus; no matter what or how much you eat that price remains the same. By charging on entry we allow our customers to dine and depart when they are ready, no hanging around at the end of the meal, no problems with splitting the bills, just a simple transaction for all.

Very occasionally we find that during busy periods people can forget to pay; by the time we discover this, it is too late, particularly if they didn’t pre-book, but walked in from the street. By changing to this policy we can ensure this isn’t a problem and we can continue to keep our prices down for all our loyal customers, who we value greatly.

How to buy drinks

You don’t always want to wait for waitress service for your drinks. We have taken note of this and asked our regular customers if they would be happy buying their drinks from the bar; they said yes, they wouldn’t mind at all and so, we have implemented this change.* You can still request table service when you arrive and we will be happy to accommodate you, but if the restaurant is very busy, food will always be prioritised over drinks and we feel you would wish to know there may be a delay in service.

*We regret we are unable to take card payments for less than £10.

Time constraints

From time to time we have a lot of people just popping by the restaurant on the off-chance that we have a table. We may look empty or quiet but have a lot of bookings for later that evening. We will always try to accommodate people that walk in, but we may have to respectfully ask them to limit their time if we have a pre-booked diner coming in at a later hour, or a big party arriving. On very busy days this policy applies to all customers, pre-booked included, as we may have several sittings to accommodate the demand. We ask that you comply with this request so that we can continue to accommodate all customers.

Pricing Policy

We believe that a height qualifier is more manageable than an age one as we don’t need to ask for ID everytime to prove age. This policy is adopted by most ‘all you can eat’ buffet restaurants and, for clarification; there is a height guide in the restaurant to confirm that younger guests are entitled to the discounted rate.

We hope you enjoy your unique dining experience at Mei’s and look forward to welcoming you again to our restaurant.